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Grocery Outlet is a west coast chain that is kind of like Odd Lots for food. When labels change or products are discontinued or all manner of other reasons that grocery stores can't/won't see products, Grocery Outlet gets them. And sells them cheap. It's a fun store to visit. You see all kinds of wild ideas. I love walking up and down the aisles imagining the committee meeting that created some of these whacky ideas.

More often than not, when I try something new from there, I go back the next day and buy more. It's for sure not going to be there next week or ever again.

Yesterday I found link bacon sausage. Seriously, that committee (at Hormel) must have hurt themselves high fiving each other over that idea. 24 links for $.99. Of course they came home with me. This morning, I got my breakfast burrito ready to wrap itself around one with creamy scrambled eggs and tortilla. And then I noticed the box said Made With jalapeno bacon. ???? I know where the bacon is on a pig, I'm not clear what part of the jalapeno is bacon but what.evs.

My first bite did not include the sausage but I could tell without a second bite that this was not pork sausage with bacon and jalapeno. This was a link of pure jalapeno. Yikes! I will not be going back to get more of this! That was an interesting $.99 education.

While I was swimming today, I imagined a financial crisis. Paying off my mortgage, paying for the condo special assessment, paying for my brother and sister-in-law's visit, then the annual condo HOA dues in January and real estate taxes in February... had I over done it??? Doing arithmetic while swimming is an interesting exercise. Especially with a mild panic about the results.

I have no cushion, not fall back, no kids or husband or parents or rich uncles to bail me out if I fail or stub my financial toe. It's me, all me. I lived for years assuming I would grow up to be a bag lady. I didn't but the idea is still in the old waterlogged brain. I also spent years building up my own nest egg for me. And I've done a good job of it. And I have investments I can cash in. I'd rather not but I can. So the whole swim panic was ridiculous anyway.

When I got home, I broke out the spreadsheet and did the math with real numbers and it's fine. I'd probably do well not to buy anything big until next year. Here's hoping my TV understands that and does not commit suicide and the new phones that Google announces next month aren't at all attractive and nobody comes out with anything interesting for the holidays.

It will all be fine.

Today I need to bag up all the dolls and bears so that they will be ready for delivery tomorrow after my swim.

The Mariners pretty much buried their playoff chances last night. Numerically they can make it but the way they are playing, it ain't going happen. Sad really. They have been better this year than they have been in 15 years. It's been fun. And, once again, I won't have that 'watch new TV shows/watch baseball playoffs' conflict in October. Ironically? all of the Mariner farm teams (7 of them) are in the playoffs for their respective leagues so maybe there's a future for the big boy team?

Here's the last bear of this batch finished last night.

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