Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This 'n' that

Zoey has been playing finicky cat food wise recently. I generally don't have much/any patience with that. She has a large bowl of dry kibbles available at all times. If she doesn't like her wet food then she can do without. But, still, I try to entice her. If it's for sale in the grocery store, I'll give it a try. Lately it's MeowMix which is really disgusting. But, she likes it except for the chicken. Today's section was a lot of gravy and other bits mixed with little chicken cubes. She managed to eat it all... except the chicken.

I kind of admire her work this time.

I'm having fitness tracker withdrawal. I expect my new Pebble will be here Friday or Saturday but meanwhile, the Misfit app I use is malfunctioning in a serious way. It started last Friday and I reported it. Usually it recovers by noon but not today. So I have a phone that barely works and an app which really doesn't. And I sit on my ass trying to coax them back to life. This is ridiculous.

I just remembered that tonight is the Home Owners Association meeting. This will be one where I go but sit near the door in case it gets too brutal, too boring or just too and I want out. They posted the agenda in the elevator and, for the first time, people are finally hearing that there will be an assessment over and above monthly dues. It could be a mad house. We shall see.

Two dolls today. I'm trying to slow production so I'll be able to deliver everything in one trip on Thursday. I think tomorrow I'll stop and make a bunch more faces. I got a new shipment of eyes and I have a fair amount of good face fabric so I think that's going to be the plan.

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