Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Free swim

My Pebble continues to thwart my every effort. This morning, it said it was charged 100% when I left home. 30 minutes later, deep into my swim, it said no more battery and died. So my tracker did not pick up my swim. I swam all that way - since there's no tracking I'm going to say 5 miles!! - and nothing to show for it. Ha. I did my usual 2,225 ish yards. But, still, it does not feel like it counts as much.

I have not got a shipping notice but I'm pretty sure Pebble is sending me a replacement watch. I just hope they hurry.

It's wonderfully cool here today. I woke up a couple of times last night and considered getting another blanket. Even the pool was nice and cool this morning (it's been almost too warm the past few days). I moved the floor fan out to the middle of the living room and am going to try not to turn on the a/c for a week. If successful, I'll roll it back into the closet for the winter. It will be way earlier than recent years. Nice. very nice.

After my swim, I stopped at the UPS store to drop off a couple of packages. The UPS store is in a little kind of street mall with about a dozen shops under a bunch of apartments. All but one of those shops - Safeway grocery included - had Help Wanted signs up. Wild. I'd be happy to help but I suspect they mean they need employees and NFW am I going to do that!

For the past 5 or so years - up until January - my arms and the back of my hands were pretty much always full of the large dark purple blood bruises of Senile Purpura (here's what it looks like - or just know it's ugly). My lung doctor mused out loud one time that he wondered if it wasn't caused or made worse by Advair - an inhaler I was on at the time. Since it didn't hurt at all and breathing was kind of important, I just filed it away and hated it.

Then my breathing got better (thank you, swimming) and I decided to try and cut back on my inhalers. Dr. Lung suggested I start with Advair and I did. (My regular doctor suggested I keep the other one and I did.) Not only did my hands and arms get way less bruisey but my voice came back! Advair had made me sound like I had some kind of laryngitis all the time.

In Summer the Senile Purpura is way worse simply because wearing long sleeves and gloves to cover up the ugly is not practical. But, I started wearing neoprene gloves when I swim (knocking against lane lines was a constant problem) and between that and the no Advair, this Summer, I have enjoyed bruise free hands and arms for the first time in years. It's been amazing to look down and just see wrinkly old lady skin instead of wrinkly old lady skin with giant really ugly places on it.

This morning I had my hands full of packages and swim gear and my purse on the way to the car when the back of my hand smashed into a metal door frame. I cursed everything and everyone until I got to the car and looked. Hmmm not so bad. By the time I got to the pool - enough time, in the olden days, to produce a drink coaster size dark purple bruise that would take a month to go away - there was a only a small spot - smaller than dimesize - that was more of a light rose color. It looks like it will be gone in a week or less.

Wow. This is so huge. I'm so delighted. No more Advair for me. Ever. Breathing is nice but having non-ugly hands and arms... VERY nice.

Ok. Now. I'm off to Goodwill with my bags o' goodies. Their drop off is outside and I am NOT going in to get more stuff. I am not. I am going to stop off at Grocery Outlet. I need dish soap and something for lunches.

Then home to sew. And maybe make some cupcakes.
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