Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bedroom closets DONE!

This is stuff going to Goodwill. Probably not today. Tomorrow will be soon enough. Closet #2 (the folded stuff like most people put in dressers) donated the most. And then I boxed up a bunch of stuff that I don't need soon - jeans, summer knit dresses, dress up tops and pants, workout/crummy t's and shorts - and refolded all the rest. One shelf for short sleeved shirts, one shelf for long sleeved shirts and sweaters and one shelf for pants. I have one whole shelf empty!!! This makes me very happy. I still have WAY more clothes than I need but at least the situation is better now.

I also went through the hanging stuff. I have one very expensive, nice, black coat that I haven't worn in a million years. And don't know when I ever will. So it went as well as another jacked and a vest. I could probably cull even more but I'll save some for next time.

My Pebble watch picked up two new problems, so I sent a note off to customer service. They are going to replace it. I think it's going to hang on until a replacement arrives.

TiVo recently changed data bases and now it records every baseball game twice or not at all. It's making me a little crazy. The games are played once live and then, about 4 hours later, the station runs the game in total again. I can only tell TiVo to play New only or New and Repeats. There is no option to play Live only. So I set for New and get two games. I do not know why it's skipping some games entirely. Since this is happening for most sports, the TiVo forums are ablaze with vitriol over the situation.

The living room TiVo did not record the Mariner game today. The bedroom TiVo did. Weird.

Since there is only 4 more weeks of baseball (for the Mariners), I'll power through and just keep checking. And hope they fix it before next Summer.

We have a couple of new dolls.

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