Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday - ish

I'm not a fan of holidays these days. I don't celebrate or gather with friends and family. Time off from work is kind of fish on a bicycle to me. Holidays mean financial institutions aren't open so what I want to have happen today will not. Lots of places are closed - annoying. I cannot even get excited about free street parking downtown. I have free parking downtown every day.

I can really see how curmudgeonly get off my lawn people are created
On the bright side, while my gym doesn't open until 8, at least it opens and I can swim every day of the year except Christmas and New Years. (See, there are those pesky holidays, again!)

The baseball today is a day game. The Mariners have not been doing well. Not at all. When I drove by the stadium this morning you could not even tell there would be a game there in 4 hours. A few weeks ago, the lines were forming when I came home from the pool. Oh well.

I do think that I will tackle the other two bedroom closets today. Goodwill is open so I can fill up the car and deliver today if I want. Neither of these two will take the time or energy of yesterday's. I think I'll sew a doll or two this morning and then do the closets while the game is on.

I also think I'll pull out the floor fan in hopes of being able to put the a/c in its cupboard for the winter very soon. Yeah!!

My brother is reading the same book I am The Nix by Nathan Hill. I'm about a third of the way through and even if it tanks from here on out it will still be the best book I've read this year and in a couple of years. I found it because my high minded literary reference - aka People Magazine - had it as the book the week not long ago. This morning my brother sent me a link to a rather different literary reference - aka New York Times. Looks like People was on to something!

Off to sew.
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