Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I took before and after photos and, frankly, it does not look nearly as impressive as it actually is. It was a lot more work than I anticipated. But, lots of rewards. Like a pair of shoes that just recently I thought 'gee, I wish I hadn't given those to Goodwill'... ha! I didn't!! And I found a jifty little keyboard/screen cleaning tool that I just love. I have one but I've wanted another one. It was a swag item that I've never seen for sale anywhere. I even found some clothes I'd forgotten I had and was glad to find.

I really do have way too much stuff.

Here's the mess.

Here's the fix. The real magic is that to the right there is a lot of shelf area that is now just empty. And a couple of those large bins are now only holding other stuff to put stuff into and not real stuff.

I have two big bags for Goodwill and a nice, big trash bag. The other two bedroom closets are next and maybe even tomorrow.

The pitcher of the opposing team just took a line drive (100+ mph) to the head. The batter is one of those really sweet, caring openly Christian players. It was devastating to see and then to see all of the players - both teams - just stopped dead and staring in deep worry as they tended to the guy. After a very very long time, he finally walked off the field with help but what a really terrible thing to happen.

My Pebble watch and my phone just had a huge falling out. They each were giving he other the silent treatment. I finally had to uninstall the watch app and reinstall it and finally they were able to see each others' point of view again. Whew. I'm really dependant on these two playing nice with each other.

Jane Pauley is on CBS Sunday morning - I watched the first 10 minutes - I really hope they keep her. I just saw the lineup for my Sunday tech podcast (This Week in Tech - I download and listen on Mondays). Two guests this week - my two least favorite guests so I guess I have an hour and a half freed up for tomorrow, too!

New sewing today. I think just TV and knitting.
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