Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim buddy, Barrie, is back from vacation and was at the pool today and discovered the new parking garage door closed situation and she's not having it.

When we were kids we lived in a great neighborhood. Kids our age up and down the street. My parents had excellent friends up and down the street, to. It was a 1950's neighborhood that was exactly like the stereotype of 1050's neighborhood.

My best friend, Babsie, lived in the middle of the next block. Her Dad, was the neighborhood watch. If anything happened, he never waited for some one else to say some, fix it, report it - he did it. If the power went off, my parents would just relax and say "Dick Page will call them to report it."

Barrie is the Dick Page of the pool. As soon as we finished our swim and got dressed she dragged me to the front desk to raise our concerns. The girl on duty knew less than anything about anything but she at least had the smarts to allow as how she'd pass on our thoughts to people in charge. Barrie is quite tall and the front desk girl is quite small. It was pretty funny to watch them. I think the garage will likely be open earlier next weekend.

Today is clean out the closet day. And, maybe even clean out 3 closets. I have 3 closets in the bedroom. 1 is shelves for folded clothes. 1 is hanging clothes and other stuff and 1 is just stuff - blankets and just all manner of stuff. It's this last one that is today's focus although the other two could use a little love as well.

It's going to be one of those Pull it all out, Evaluate, Toss, Donate, Return to now organized closet. It's one of 3 places in this house where stuff goes to hide. I'm quite sure I will find stuff I've been looking for since forever as well as stuff I have not needed or wanted in years.

I thought I'd wait til the baseball game starts for background noise but I think I might listen to my book as I do it. I feel like I'd have a better shot at success if I get on it now rather than wait.

Here's a bear from last night.

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