Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Saturday

I remembered that I had gotten a chit for a Google movie so I went to the Google Play store to see if there was anything I wanted to watch. Sure enough there was Me Before You. I had read and enjoyed the book and saw where the book's author said they did not fuck up the story in the movie so I wanted to see it. So I did and the author was right. They did not fuck it up at all. It was a very engaging little movie.

Then I did some sewing. My neighbor the baker brought me over some carrot cake truffles. Not too many, thankfully (it always feels so wasteful when he brings me a whole pie or way too many cookies) and assured me they were not 'enhanced' (meaning no marijuana in them, sorry ljtourist). They look delicious and are certainly my favorite way of eating vegetables!

I got some lobster cakes at the grocery store yesterday. They probably aren't that good but they were on sale at a really good price so I thought I'd try them. With a little pasta for dinner. The baseball game is at 6:30.

I am not a fan of holiday weekends and this one has me grumpy. I'm trying to fight it off and so far, I'm having some success.

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