Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My gym is on the ground floor beneath an apartment building. There is a parking garage. One floor is pretty much for the gym and the rest is for the apartments. It all opened about 14 months ago. Until a month ago there was no door on the garage. Until today, you could pull right in anytime you wanted to. This morning, I got there at 7:40 - my usual-ish weekend time and the door to the garage was shut tight. Particularly at that time, there is a decent amount of street parking so no biggie but still, kind of annoying.

I parked at Trader Joe's and stopped in there after my swim. Then home. It's lovely and cool. 71 degrees in this living room with no a/c on. Heaven. I feel like I should take advantage of this great weather and go do something outside of this house but, there really is nothing I want to go do. I thought about a movie and there is even one playing at a convenient time at the nicer movie theater downtown. But, eh. I'll be able to watch it here in my living room in 6 months. I can wait.

There are a couple of things I could go do in the car, shopping kinds of things but I really don't need anything or particularly want anything desperately enough to go buy it or shop for it plus I'll save a lot of $$ just not going.

I'm not bored - I have tons of stuff to pick from - I'm just floundering trying to figure out the best. Probably it will be the usual. Futzing around in the sewing room and then watching some TV and then watching the baseball game. I just saw, on Front Door TV Network, that the mail carrier has finished up here and left so maybe I'll start by going down and getting the mail.
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