Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still trying to annoy me and still failing

One of the car sharing services I belong to sent me an email today saying they fucked up their data base (my translation of their 4 paragraphs) and I will not be able to rent a car from them until I re-scan my drivers license.

So I go get my drivers license and pull out their app and go through the 9 steps - focus front, take picture, approve, focus back, tape picture, approve, switch to front camera, take selfie, approve... and then upload. "Up load issues - We have encountered a network communication problem" Lather rinse repeat - same result. Again. Same.

But, no big deal. I really am not wild about their service. Of the two they are the one that offers 4 door cars BUT their app does not tell you if the car that is closest to you has 4 doors or not. Very lame. And, I have no reason that I know about now to rent one in the near future so what.evs.

There are two day baseball games this weekend - Sunday and Monday. I think those are going to be my Designated Closet Cleanout Day + Backup DCCD. The baseball game will be a nice distraction from the chore and the chore will be a nice distraction from the baseball game. (This would never work for a night game. The closet is too near the bed which I would just fall into.)

Nice day for diversity in doll-land.

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