Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Delicious rain

It is pouring rain out. My Mom would say "go get the car out of the garage and let God wash it!"

So nice.

The money to pay off my mortgage is, hopefully, on the way to the mortgage company. Getting there was a bit of a ohfuckme exercise. I did not want to write a check and put it in the postal service. Citi Mortgage will let me send them as much as I want every month electronically but will NOT let me pay my mortgage digitally from their website. A wire transfer cost $100 and is way too complicated.

So I went to BECU. The funds had been deposited in savings. Their bill pay system is from checking. Their website wouldn't let me move the money from savings to checking. Every time I tried, no matter how fast I worked, it said I timed out and told me to log on again. I figured it was the size of the amount that was clogging up their works. So finally I called.

"We had issues with Chrome doing that early time out thing last week but they fixed them. Sounds like maybe they forgot something." No shit. She did the transfer for me and then said that she had a work around I could use next time. I said no thanks and allowed as how I sure hoped by 'next time', they will have it really fixed.

So... then... funds in the right account, I went to bill pay. "The zip code you entered for the payee does not match our records". OH FOR FUCKS SAKE! I had to make a new payee for the payoff address and they will now cut a freakin' check and send it postal mail to arrive there next Thursday.

Clearly, paying off a mortgage is not something anyone every actually wants you to do. And while you might think that accumulating the needed funds is the hard part, you might be a little off there. ARUGH!!!

And my Misfit app is not syncing correctly.

There is a conspiracy to piss me off today but I will not bow to it. I will win. Plus, all this beautiful rain!
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