Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Where's my bonus?

I think there should be an extra special reward for you when you have already hit your goal for the day and you still go out and walk. Seriously. But, I do have dinner in the house - tonight's and tomorrow night's - just a 3 minute nuke away from ready. Nice.

And the laundry is all done and half folded and put away. The other half is on the bed so that's a guarantee that it will be done before I go to sleep tonight.

I just realized that I had planned to make a bear/doll delivery tomorrow but... The drill is that I delivery on Fridays - the first Friday of the month. The Baby Bank is run out of a storage building. I think they donate the space so no complaining allowed. But it's a locked facility and while Jeannie is there most weekday mornings from 9-noon, it's not like I can go knock on the door because her space is up several floors and she'd never hear me knock. So, on Wednesdays before delivery Fridays, I send her an email asking if a Friday delivery is ok.

I just realized that I have not heard back from her this time. hmmmm Maybe she took an extra long long Labor Day weekend. Oh well. Waiting until next week won't be terrible. Waiting much longer than that could be an issue. More dolls/bears than my car can hold... Oh well, I'll worry about that if/when the time comes.

I still have one bear to finish tonight. And then photograph.

Ok as I typed that last sentence, I got her email. She asks to do it next Thursday. Okdokey. That's actually the first time in the couple of years she's been at this location (and we've had to do this permission dance) that's she's asked for a different day. No problem. It will give me time to add to the bunch.

No baseball game tonight. Guess I'll do more TiVo cleanup but, to be honest, TiVo is kind of all cleaned up and ready for the new season.

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