Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Laundry day. Gradually, I've been winnowing down my closet items. It was filled to the bring with stuff I will never wear again. Or stuff I will wear once more and, all day, think why in the hell haven't I tossed this before now?? My Goodwill store is very handy and they want all fabric of any kind - scraps to designer clothes so I keep a hamper in my bedroom just for Goodwill. My closet isn't quite yet as lean and mean as it should be but it's close.

My laundry hamper is nearly full today and I had to dig into tier 2 shirts this morning because there weren't any clean tier 1's left.

I still have clothes closet work to do but I am actually kind of holding out until it gets colder to get a better idea of my cold weather clothes situation. There is another closet that is full of non clothes and that sucker needs a giant enema. The more I put it off the worse it gets. It's something I should even do today but I probably won't.

I do think I will take a stroll over to my good teriyaki place. Sometime early afternoon (they close at 3) I'll take a walk and pick up dinner. One order is enough for 2 dinners. Now that I'm losing my excuse for not going outside and walking, i.e. the hot weather, I need to go outside and walk or I when I want to walk somewhere, I won't be able to.

I read somewhere not long ago that Seattle was losing a lot of teriyaki places. There used to be nearly as many as Starbucks shops but, apparently, the healthy eating nazis are weeding them out. At least my #1 play and my #2 place are still going. Whew.
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