Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Every once in a while, I fire up a new audiobook and I get hooked within 5 minutes. I finished one on Monday that turned out to be a slog. I didn't even finish the last 5 minutes because I was just over it. I didn't care who done it or why or how.

Last night, I started a new book that sucked me in immediately and, so far, some of the phrasing and passages have had me rewinding and listening again because they were so delicious. The author described the feeling this guy got when he logged into his networked game as 'coming home to a family that misses him greatly'. The book is 12 hours long and if this keeps up, I'll still be reading it when I'm 80. It's billed as a mother/son psychodrama so I was completely caught off guard by its delicious humor. The Nix

I'm currently just past an hour in so maybe it will all turn to shit but I seriously doubt it.

The pool today was busy. That's how I knew it was Wednesday. There were a few new faces. Lately we've been seeing a lot of one-timers. People come, swim for 15-20 mins and never come back. I get that. Swimming is not like the treadmill or kettleballs.

Today is house cleaner day. And the ballgame is at 11. The Mariners keep losing and so do I. They are losing ballgames and I am losing interest. Usually by this time I've pretty much checked out already. They could still salvage the season but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm thinking about going out to dinner tonight. There's a kind of fancy-ish place across the street that is semi new. I've never been there. There is a major construction project going on at the back of their building. The project has generated a lot of noise and massive dust and some street closures. It's all on the other side of this building from me so has not really had any kind of impact on me. But as a Please Pardon Our Dust gift, the contractor gave every unit in this building a $100 gift card to the Inter Mezzo. Cool, eh?! It's one of those refillables so you don't have to use it all at once. Very cool. Tonight there is no baseball game for me to watch, no football or soccer game at the stadium (so all 'hood restaurants would be crowded), it's not a weekend (so I would not be taking up valuable date nite space)... it seems like the perfect time to test drive the gift card.

Now I think I'll go make a doll before the game starts.
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