Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I did walk over to Uwajimaya and Diaso this morning. It was not a failure but not a success. I had about 5 things on my list and only found one. But the real bust was that my Misfit app had gotten accidentally turned off and so I got ZERO fitness points for the walk. That's so mean.

I did get my almond snap cookies. It's the only place I've ever found them so I bought four boxes. The little lady behind me in the checkout line came around to face me and pointed to the cookies and said 'good?'. 'Mmmmm yes!' I told her. 'You have so many, maybe I try.' I should have just given her a box but I didn't think of it in time.

When I got to the cashier, she said "May I give you a senior discount?" Now how freakin' delightful is that?? Even just on the face of it - what a lovely way to ask if I'm old. But, it was even more because their discount ends at 11 and her line was really slow. By the time she asked me it was 11:05. "I saw you waiting so patiently even before 11 but I wasn't sure you were over 60." Ding ding ding ding and we have a customer service winner.

The International District is replete with ginko trees and they are turning golden already and starting to shed.

My Mom had this weird thing about ginko leaves. She was just fascinated with them. In our town (Winston-Salem, NC) in the 50's, there was one ginko tree. Every single time any one of us had a botany project of any kind for school, she'd drag us to that tree. The G book of our encyclopedia (internet-tree version) opened to Ginko without even trying.

For some reason that totally escapes me now, Mom and I planted the city's second ginko tree outside my 2nd grade classroom. It was still thriving years later - every time Mom got back to Winston-Salem for a visit she would check on it.

So, of course, I can never see a ginko tree or leaf without thinking of her. I wish I knew how she - Texas born and Oklahoma bred - got so into ginko trees.

The condo just below me - and exactly like mine in footprint and amenities - is on sale now for $499,000. It's been on the market for 12 days. Initially I thought that was way too much money and it would never sell if it didn't get snapped up immediately which it hasn't. But, then, today I remembered to look up the other outrageously overpriced unit that was for sale. Turned out it sold $520,000 after 4 months on the market. The sold one is about 75 more sq. ft. that mine and the one below me. By the time mine goes on the market - after I die, if my brother decides to sell - probably the market will have tanked again. But it's sure been strong this year.

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