Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting there...

We're getting closer and closer to my kind of weather. This morning I had to use headlights on my way to the pool. It was dark enough so that I could see into places that I haven't been able to see into for months.

On my way to the pool is The Living Computer Museum. They've been doing some outside stuff - a little here and a little there for months but nothing big. They did replace one big door with plate glass window and, this morning, I finally could see in. It looks like a new and large display area. When I went to get this link, I see on their website that they are going to close for a week for a 'reboot' after Labor Day. I'd better get them on my List Of Things To Do.

It's overcast and not terribly cool but not hot either and every not hot day is a bonus in my book.

I'm kind of out of balance today. Not dizzy but just not grounded either. Weird. I was thinking about taking a stroll over to the Japanese grocery and Japanese dime store - they are a few blocks over but I think maybe I'll postpone for a bit and make sure I'm fine and dandy first. All I really want is their almond cookies and I think I can wait on those.

And, uh oh, the sun is breaking out.

I think I'll go sew.
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