Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just a regular day

I got stuff done today that I've been putting off for no good reason. Like replacing the floor mat in the car which meant finding velcro (to keep it in place) and the glue gun (which always makes me twitchy) and actually doing it. Which I did. Yeah Me. And putting the rainbow friendly bumper sticker on the car. I've had it forever and really wanted one that was just like it but had the word Ally where Friendly is but I could never find one. I found the friendly one in a drawer when I was looking for something else and just put it on the car. If/when I find an Ally one, I'll replace it.

I tidied up some stuff but not all. I got everything in place for the mortgage pay off which I'll now be able to do on Thursday!!

And I made 2 dolls. Baseball starts now. Fried okra for dinner!

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