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In a few - maybe 30 - minutes, it will be too warm and time to shut the door and turn on the a/c or the whole house will be a boil pot by tonight but just now the door is open and the neighborhood is as quiet as a downtown neighborhood should be. I can hear distant traffic and the occasional signs of life but mainly it is urban peaceful. I totally get why people like being out in the woods with only the birds and bugs to listen to but give me the city any day - when it's quiet or when it's loud. I've got asphalt in my veins I think.

Two mildly amusing things happened at the pool today. I came up the stairs from the parking garage with a guy who pulled up in a neat little 70's-ish Fiat Spider. I'd seen it in parked there before but never had a face to go with it. Then, I had just gotten my first lap in when a guy I see a fair amount came in to do his laps and I realized that he was Fiat guy. And I think he realised who I was, at the same time. Swimmers always look different dry. Funny.

After I had been swimming about 40 minutes, a woman came in to swim. She was probably maybe almost 30. Clearly an athlete and had a swimcap from some triathlon. She swam laps, rested, swam some more, rested, swam, etc. Meanwhile I just swam and swam and swam - more slowly than see did but not by much. She got out after about 30 minutes and I followed after a few more laps.

When I got to the locker room, I ran into her and she said "You did really well in the pool today!" and then she followed that up with "You swam longer than I did!!"

Well, er, yeah. I swam twice as long as you did. I think the message she was trying to convey was that as a trim fit young person she was impressed that someone as old and fat as I am could swim like that. I take the complement, weird as it is.

I swim longer than most anyone I've run into at that pool. It's not really that much of an accomplishment because I'm also WAY slower than they are. And I only swim one stroke. Fiat guy did a length and a half to my length and does different strokes, for instance. So he probably gets a better overall workout in his 45 minutes than I get in my 70. But, that's fine.

After the pool, I popped into Bartell's to get a battery for my remote which finally totally died. And I also needed deodorant. They have recently completely remodeled the store so I had a bit of a wander trying to find the deodorant. On that wander, I discovered that the aisle with the summer clearance items now had more of my octopus swim bags still on sale for $3! I got 2. Just in case. You never know. Such a score.

The baseball game starts in about 20 minutes. If they play like they have in the last few games, I'm going to leave the TV sound on and go back to the sewing room and only pay minimal attention to it. It's depressing.

I've been watching CBS Sunday Morning since the 80's when Charles Kauralt started it. I've always enjoyed it until this year. Charles Osgood has been the host and he's just gotten old like moldy bread. I hit the FF button when he opens his mouth. After six months of rumors, finally today, he announces his retirement. YEAH!! No successor has been announced but the money is on Jane Pauley would would just delight me.

There are no games in either of the stadiums today so I might just slip out this evening and get me some catfish and okra for dinner at Fat's Chicken and Waffles. (I love a restaurant named Fat's. Sadly their fried chicken is skinless which I think should be illegal but their catfish is excellent and the fried okra is amazing. I always get an order to go. It will be as good with my dinner tomorrow night!)
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