Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Lovely swim. There was a woman in the next lane doing all manner of aerobic exercises and doing them vigorously and for a long time. It was impressive. I thought man, I should at least do some crunches before I get out of the water. Finished my swim and got out of the pool and totally forgot my great idea. Sigh. This is why my six pack is a keg.

On the up side, my new swim bag makes me smile every day.

It was on sale at our local drug store chain. $3.50. I added the orange shoulder strap. It is just perfect. The right size for my stuff with the exact number of pockets I need and air holes so nothing gets moldy. I wish I'd gotten a spare for backup but, of course, when I went back they were all gone. So I just treasure this one.

While I was swimming, I was thinking about future dolls. I have some fun Wonder Woman fabric that's going to be the dress of my next doll and I was trying to think of what I had that I could use to fashion gold magic bracelets. I had a couple of ideas, none fab.

Before I left for the pool, I saw on the West Seattle Blog, that a church near the gym was having a rummage sale that started at 9. I'm down with pawing through other peoples' shit for charity and the story mentioned fabric and yarn.

So I swung by after the pool. I have now used all the self restraint I have been allotted this year. Turns out, one of their members died and her husband did not know what to do with all of the fabric and yarn she left behind so he gave it to the the rummage sale people. At least I know my fabric accumulating problem is not the worst - this woman may have died from it!

They had it all nicely bundled in groups that made sense and priced way too low. I got enough yarn for about 20 bears and all of this fabric. $5 and change, total. Seriously. I gave the nice ladies a $20 and told them to keep the change. They were thrilled. I was thrilled. It was a thrill fest.

All the way home I kept thinking that I should just turn around and go back and get more. But, I pulled out the restraint mentioned above.

The biggest coup? See that little bag there in the middle sticking up? It's full of bits of metallic fabric... including gold as in Wonder Woman Magic Gold Bracelets!!!

It's lovely and overcast and not hot. The a/c is off and the door is open. Ahhhhhhhh
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