Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So this morning I was wallowing in my swimming prowess and then, catching up on Reddit, read this:

A week from tomorrow, my 68 year-old father, Dr. Keith Bell, who worked his entire career as a sport psychologist for swimmers, will train for his 10,000th consecutive day He has swum every single day, no exceptions, since April 1989 – minimum of 3k, average of 6k, last three years at least usually around 7k+. This includes his "birthday swims," consisting of his age x 100yd freestyle @ 1:30 interval, which I have done with him almost every year since he was 49 (we did this just a couple weeks ago, 68 x 100's @ 1:30). I will join him in swimming 10k to celebrate his 10,000th day on September 3rd. In honor of his inspirational lifestyle, the mayor of Austin, TX has proclaimed Sept. 3rd "Dr. Keith Bell's Celebrate Swimming Day."

Fine. Whatever. I'll be happy if I get 200 consecutive days of 2k. I did think it was a fairly hilarious coincidence.

I think my TV is retiring. It's making non-standard TV noises. They are like electrical pop sounding noises. Not all the the time but twice now I have looked behind there to see if Zoey was into something. She wasn't.

So today started TV shopping and already I'm depressed. There are too many factors to consider. And, like cars, all the reviewers I can find care about stuff I don't care about and ignore my top bullet items (cup holders, interior/exterior color, seat belts that won't choke me, etc.). I want a 43ish inch TV with 378 HDMI ports and 293 USB ports as well as the other necessary ports needed to live in today's world. I want universal bluetooth and wifi as well as ethernet. I need to be able to rename inputs. A good picture would be nice.

To add insult to injury, it's hard to find out the critical (to me) specs. Crawling through the marketing speak is painful. I'd like to buy it from Amazon (customer service and 5% cash back) and I'd really like for it not to be Samsung.

After digging and digging and researching and researching, I gave up. I went and listened to the TV without sound and can't hear the popping noise now so maybe it's fixed I really have never liked this TV anyway so I'm not surprised it's cranky now. If/when it dies, I'll decide then.

My mortgage payout - "it will arrive in 2 business days, Miss Dennis" - didn't. Not a crisis, just annoying. I will be delighted to dump CitiMortage.

On the up side, apparently BECU caved and gave up their new 'security' strategy and so now they are talking to Mint again. They had said the new strategy would be in place until the end of September. Maybe their calendars are broken now. I don't care. It's fixed and that's good.

Today's dolls:

OMG! I just hit the wrong thing and this entry disappeared. Then I said 'yes' when I got it back and it wanted to know if I wanted to reload the draft but the draft was this morning's entry!!! But, then, I remembered a Chrome extension I installed eons ago and was saved by Lazarus Form Recovery. I love that name and I love the function!
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