Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Last Day of Summer Heat - I hope I hope I hope

For the past week my TV remote has been giving me fits. It's a Harmony and has never worked perfectly but mostly does better than it has been. Finally last night I pulled out the battery and put it back and what do you know... fixed. I did not consider the battery earlier because always before, when the batter was a problem, the Harmony app sent me an alert. Oh well. Glad I figured it out before I punched those damn buttons through to the other side.

I swam extra today because while it was a bit crowded when I got there after an hour it was really just me and one guy and then he left. But, mainly, I wanted to hit my fitness goal for today because my steak hit day 100!!!

Also I think it's fun that I happen to hit 1,600 miles today. I started tracking on March 5, 2015 (539 days ago).

And in other number fetishes, my car is going to hit 17777 miles tomorrow on the way to the pool.

My electric bill says Please Send In The Clouds! This month it is $130. 10 months out of the year it's $40ish. Next month will also be $130 or even more. And... worth every penny. My environmental footprint looks like Big Foot for these two months. I don't even use any heat in the winter so I'm cool with taking more than my share now.

I may have to break down and watch the British Bake Off via VPN. Way too many spoilers.

I had a little breathing attack last night after cleaning out the litter box. Cough stopping pills and my rescue inhaler saved the day. Plus it was just before I went to sleep so I just cranked the bed up to give my lungs a lift and all was fine. So much dust is raised that I'm kind of surprised it hasn't happened before. I think I can prevent it all together by just wearing a dust mask when I do the cleaning. No big deal. And, the new litter box cabinet will be here this month and that will help a bunch, I think. This old box has years of dust accumulated.

Nothing big going on today. Good podcasts to catch up on and dolls to make while catching up on podcasts. My kind of day.

Here's a bear that got finished last night.

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