Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today's sewing...

2 dolls and 24 faces. I was on a roll and then Google came out with solitaire and an hour left the building. I'm trying to keep it to an hour but I think I'm losing. I'm a sucker for solitaire.

Hell, I'm a sucker for card games and it's my father's fault. The very minute my hands got big enough to hold cards, he taught me how to play gin rummy. And then he taught me the nuances of how to play well and how to trash talk. First grade interrupted my card shark career. When I couldn't find him to play gin with or my brother or sister to play Go Fish or Old Maid with, I played solitaire.

As a family, we played Yahtzee but when we couldn't find all the dice we'd play I Doubt It or hold cribbage tournaments.

In college I played bridge for beer money. After college I played tournament bridge for many years. I was part of an online gaming beta in the late 80's early 90's (1200/2400 baud dial up modem) called Sierra Online. I played bridge there, canasta and I think some cribbage.

And then Windows included Solitaire on the computer. Holy moly. I probably tossed at least a year or two towards that effort. Today, the minute I saw what Google had done today, I was a goner. Sigh.

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