Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The ice cream crisis is over... whew!

There is a little chain of groceries (chain-ette really) near here. One of the stores is near my library branch of choice. There are bigger groceries near the pool and so easier to pop into but this little Red Apple is worth the special trip and becoming more so all the time.

I'm not a big produce fan but they do have really good produce. Their meat is really good and they do cuts that really suit me. Plus they carry some pickles I love (that no one else carries) and they carry some milk that I like in quart cartons that no one else does.

And, now, they have android pay in addition to Senior Discount Every Day. So... I like them alot.

Today they had tomatoes that I know aren't any good but they look like they might be better than horrible and I'm desperate. We don't have enough uninterrupted hot sun for long enough nor soil good enough for decent tomatoes. Our very very very best - late August tomatoes bought at a farmers market and grown with love - are the flavor and consistency of any January tomato in the South. It's a crime. People around here think of tomatos a salad filler and spaghetti base only. A tomoato sandwich is foreign animal here. But, my tongue remembers the glory of a fat juicy sweet delicious tomato from South Jersey or even my Mom's backyard in North Carolina. And I'll pretend that's what I'm eating in my tomato sandwich for lunch today.

So groceries put away. Cuke and onion sour cream salad marinating in the fridge. Dishes washed. Cat fed. I'm off to sew.
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