Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There's a football game across the street tonight with lots of pre-game activities and concerts. Normally this would mean Do Not Leave The House By Car at all. But, I'm still out of ice cream and now it's getting critical. So I'm going to slip out after I finish this entry and my coffee and make a run to the grocery store and gas station and then hurry home and Not Leave The House By Car again until morning.

I've got nothing out of the ordinary on the agenda for today. Which is actually fine. For some reason my brain is not with it today. I normally use my swim time to solve world problems or work out small little conundrums. Today, I got in the pool and at what felt like about lap 3, I looked at the clock to see I had been swimming an hour.

These are the kind of days when it's good to have no responsibilities. Heavy equipment and I would have issues. I do think I can get to the grocery and back, though.
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