Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It was lovely to be back in my own pool today. Quiet and screaming child free. Even the millennials who take up way more space on the benches in the locker room with their massive amounts of stuff so that I don't have room to even put down my goggles didn't bother me this morning. I appreciated their elongated use of the hair dryers as it drowned out the media noise (for some reason about a month ago, they started turning on the TV sound AND not turning off the piped music/LA Fitness ads). Anything anything, really anything is better than screaming children.

I was planning a mid day trip to the market on the hill that has the good milk, cream and ice cream and get gas but... then I remembered the Mariners are playing a home game this afternoon. Probably a good day not to fight stadium traffic. Tomorrow will work just as well for a market trip gas.

I did get to see last night's game on ESPN and they had Ken Griffey, Jr. in the booth for the entire game. It was really interesting and fun. Even though the Mariners lost. Sigh.

This morning there will be doll making. There were zero made yesterday which is sad. But today we have new trim and new felt and even some new fabric so let the doll making commence!!
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