Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ham and apple

I just made a ham sandwich and added thin slices of apple to it. This is now officially my Favorite Lunch Ever. I was raised on sandwiches for lunch and I cannot break out of the mold. I've tried. I go on a salad jag for a while or cheese, crackers and pickles but pretty much my goto, my default, my standard is sandwich.

I used to have a work husband named Kenny. He was the best. Young and hilarious. We ate lunch together nearly every day. He was raised in Hong Kong and could not, for the life of him, wrap his brain around the value of a sandwich. He tried. But no go. So once in a while when I try to break the sandwich habit, I shoot for What Would Kenny Have. Honestly, I don't have enough leftover rice to make that a going concern. So sandwich - and, at least for a while, it's going to be a thick slab of ham, thin slices of apple, mayo and rye bread.

Someone on my friendslist today had an entry about Live Journal as a social media. I've always been aware that people wrote posts 'to' other people and often or always explicitly asked for feedback. Heck I've even done that myself but I've never thought of the medium as social media. I think of Live Journal is the electronic equivalent of a diary that I don't care if people read. I love comments and value feedback but that's not what I'm here for. Interesting to think about.

My first journal entry was in March of 2002. Since then I have made 19,157 journal entries.

I kept paper journals on and off until I was about 30. I had a boyfriend who, behind my back, read most or a lot of them, didn't like what he read and so confessed that he'd read them so he could argue with me about the content. That relationship came to an abrupt end and I quit writing journals.

But, I missed it. When I found Live Journal, I decided to start again but this time no one would be able to read my journal behind my back because - ha! - I'd make it so the world could see it. And so here we are 19,157 entries later.

My brother has the password so when I drop dead, he can get in here and finish this out.
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