Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Sunday

I got some quality organization done in the sewing room. It seems like as soon as I get one drawer purged of crap, a cupboard shelf needs work so I do that one and then another shelf becomes impossible to find anything on. It's a constant job - keeping it all straight.

I did manage a doll.

The soccer team just tweeted out this photo of what it looks like here before a game. I put a red arrow on my terrace so you can see how it looks from here. It's pretty cool. You can't see it but the 'march' to the game is led by the team band. I love a good marching band. This is what my view will look like at 5:30 today. (bigger version behind the click)


But, first a baseball game. (The baseball stadium is on down the street - if the march would continue the way they are heading down a long block (past the football stadium) they would march right into home plate of the baseball stadium.)

It's heating up a little so the a/c is going back on while I watch the game and knit a new bear.

Here's last night's bear.

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