Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was Africa hot with glaring sun. Today, as I look outside (because I can - the sun is hiding so the shades are up) - most of the people walking around outside have on long sleeves!!

I turned the a/c off (it was so grateful for the rest, I think I saw it wink at me). And now I'm sitting here, in the living room, with the door open. It won't be long before it bursts to live since there is a soccer game here late afternoon and a baseball game here at 1. But, for now, it's really quiet and still and cool. I like the action but I also love the mornings like this.

I had a great swim. I think the pool population is going to be sparse until after Labor Day. Now it's like the weeks around Christmas/New Year. My own private pool.

I have some non-doll sewing to do today and the baseball game (best watched in the living room) so there may not be any dolls made today.

OMG I just thought I heard the fucking kitchen sink dripping again! But, turns out, it's only Zoey smacking her breakfast down. That young lady needs to learn some table manners. Clearly it's maybe too quiet in here!
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