Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Same wavelength? I don't think so...

This is part of a conversation I had in the locker room this morning:

30-35 year old woman: Where would someone buy one of those?
Me: Oh Amazon has a bunch of different kinds.
Her: Wow. That is the second time today someone has recommended Amazon. My earbuds died and I was going to pay another $200 to replace them but my girlfriend told me Amazon had them for $150. I need to go to that Amazon.

In Seattle! This conversation happened in Seattle. I totally get that not everyone shops on Amazon as much as I do but... I was shocked

1. that anyone her age had so little acquaintance with it


2. anyone in their right fucking mind would pay $200 for freakin' earbuds!!!!

Clearly my world isn't as expansive as I thought it was.

Great swim. Once again, someone neglected to lock the door last night I about 10 minutes before the mean girl who won't let us in early even got there, I was in the pool swimming. Thanks, person who can't get all the doors locked at night. You rock.

I stopped at the grocery after and got stuff for Waldorf salad and some nice, thick ham slices. Cold ham and apple salad. That will be my dinner until the temperature resets.

I'm going to chop and mix the salad and then go back and see if the sewing room is cool enough to work in. This may have to be a living room/bear knitting day.
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