Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Remembering that time always makes me so sad for what we lost

bitterlawngnome wrote a beautiful entry today about a special flower, about caring and about a time that was so painful for so many, including the wonderful caregivers.

The AIDS crisis was (and while I'm talking about what happened in the United States in the beginning and for 20 years after, I still feel bad using the past tense - AIDS will be a crisis until there is a cure)... horrible for those who's lives where cut short and who's families suffered their loss.

BUT, those who cared for the sick and dying deserve their own pedestal. They suffered a backlash that could not have been more cruel. And this while they were doing the best, most important work of the time.

I cherish those, like Bill, who are kind enough to share their memories so that we all may learn from them. Please go read it.

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