Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tired arms

I woke up early this morning and so got to the pool early and just decided to swim until I couldn't swim any more. Turns out that comes to an hour and 30 minutes of swimming. I could have done more but I hit the fun wall. Any more would have been work and not fun. According to Misfit, I only did 1.6 miles. I'm a tortoise swimmer. I think, however, it is better for me to swim longer than faster. And I have no plans for competitive swimming. So all's cool. I also blasted the fuck out of my fitness goal for today. And it's not yet 9 am!

It's Africa hot - at least Seattle-wise-speaking. And I just made the mistake of looking at the 10 day forecast. Monday and Tuesday look like they could be tolerable and the rest is stay-inside-with-the-shades-drawn-and-the-a/c-cranked. It is summer. And, hopefully, it is in its last throws. And at least it is now at all, not even in the least, humid. thankyoujesus.

Nothing outstanding on the docket. My everything seems to be on a fairly even keel right now which actually suits me quite nicely. I'm a very lucky girl.
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