Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of Thursday

I think Donald Trump is an idiot. I think all of his facial expressions are hilarious and not in a kind way. And, of course, his fake skin color and exaggerated hair add to his ridiculousness. And while I understands how he thinks - I've done business with many who are on that same train of thought - I don't admire it and I sure as hell don't want it running our country. But, I think setting up sculptures of him naked with no balls in cities around the country is just not humorous in any way. It's down on his level and as disrespectful as he is. I just honestly don't think fighting stupidity with stupidity is the way to go.

Zoey just let me clip all her nails - front and back - and she was very nice about it. The first thing I do, when I get a new cat, it take that cat to the vet for a check up and a nail clip. And then, every week, whether it needs it or not, we have kitty nail clipping time - until the cat is ok with it and no longer battles. Zoey gave in more quickly than most. She lets me clip her front paws almost any time i want to. The back ones, I have to pick my times, but if I pick carefully, she's chill and she was today. Thanks, kitty.

I haven't looked outside to see how the pre-football frenzy is building. The shades are down to keep the cool in and heat out and the a/c is on loudly, so I'm guessing that if I keep everything like this, they can have their game and I'll never even know it.

The sewing room got hot after two dolls so I'm now thinking of maybe watching one of my precious (because there are so few) episodes of the British Bake Off.

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