Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I didn't do my long swim today because I got in late and wanted to go to the grocery store and get home before traffic and hot. So instead of doing an hour and 15 or 20 minutes, I only did an hour. Still enough to make my tracker goal later on today.

Did the grocery and the drug store. There is a Seahawks game tonight and as it is the first one of the year, there is more of everything - traffic - vendors - police (they moved in a watch tower over the parking lot - kinda creepy actually). By the time I rolled back home a little after 9, stuff was already being assembled for the 7 pm game. They are going to have a LOOOOOOONG HOOOOOOOOOT day. But, not me. I may well make a trip to the dumpsters in the garage but that is the very outer limits of my range today.

The whole gum chewing thing has turned into a real thing because it is working! I chew one piece about an hour before bedtime and one piece just after I get out of the pool and my mouth feels more normal than it has in a couple of years. I'd chew more but I forget to. I've now but sticks of gum all around - purse, car, chair, sewing machine. Hopefully that will help me remember.

My financial ducks are all ready for my meeting next week - Tuesday - with my financial adviser. I haven't done this kind of study/research in a long time. Interesting. I'm so glad I have a good place to take all my questions and make all my decisions.

Now it's time to make dolls.
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