Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


In the beginning, I think I used Quicken to track all my finances. Then I used Microsoft Money until they killed it. And then I used I have consolidated a lot of my financial institutions but I still have accounts at BECU, Capital One, Ameriprise, CitiMortgage and Discover. I need them to all funnel into one place automagically and live there forever.

Tonight I wanted to look up the date of the last time I got my car serviced. I know it wasn't this year or last year so whatever credit card I used at the time was not going to go back far enough. But, I could easily find it and the other car maintenance payments in Mint - one simple search. And I can export all my transactions going back years if I want to.

But, Mint and BECU are having a fight. BECU has instituted a new 'feechur' that prevents Mint from getting the info. BECU has a similar kind of 'let us track your accounts from everywhere' deal but it only goes back 90 days and does not allow exporting.

It would probably be a little wiser to keep a local copy of everything (besides the CSV export) but that would mean installing software that will need to be kept updated and then making sure everything was backed up regularly. I do not even know if anyone has such a piece of software any more. And I don't want to bother.

Mint works great. From anywhere. Like my Chromebooks. I really only have one recurring automatic transaction left in that account anyway. The electric bill. I'll just move it to Capital One and use BECU as a piggy bank. The Mint community forum says that BECU is going to go back to it's old ways at the end of September but I'm tired of their shinanigins.

I do wish Mint wasn't free. I'd feel a little more comfortable if they were a service I was paying for but, hey, whaddya goin' to do?

I am going to make exporting transactions a weekly thing. I can keep spreadsheets backed up really easily.
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