Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day rescued

For a variety of reasons, it's sometimes better not to run the sewing machine while the house cleaner is here working. Today her daughter did not come with so she took longer. So I didn't get to sewing until after lunch. But, I did get a whole bunch of doll bits cut out. And I got my fabric organized. And I got the sheet on the bed changed. And I got the dirty sheet and the rest of the laundry washed and dried and folded and put away. Oh and I made a very kick ass chicken and apple salad.

Then I made two dolls and ran out of premade faces so I made a bunch of faces. (Faces are fiddly and take a bunch of steps and so way better to make ahead and stockpile.)

So really, all in all, I got a lot done today and it's still only 3 pm. I have tonight for bear knitting while baseball watching. Quite satisfactory all the way around.

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