Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Several months ago, ljtourist made a comment about the politics of a blog I read regularly. At the time I didn't ask but thought about it a lot and read the blog way more closely to see if I could ascertain a bent. I couldn't so the next time I saw him I asked and he said he was referring to the comments. I rarely read the comments.

I see/follow all blogs and many Reddit topics via an RSS feed. So I see only the headlines and the stories and never even see that there are comments. If I click through for some reason, I will see them but that just doesn't happen that often.

This morning, however, I clicked through the /r/sewing Reddit topic because the entry was about a website I have ordered from a bunch. I found out that 1. Amazon bought them several years ago which I did not know and 2. A lot of people think Amazon is the devil's workshop 3. About as many people think this website (and Amazon) is great (you can put me solidly at the top of this list, btw) and 4. There are a whole lot of people who leave the most amazingly stupid comments. I kind of wonder why/how they think anyone in the world gives a shit about their thoughtless (as in 'contains no thought') remarks.

Oh well, moving on with my life... My swim was good. I got there early and only swam an hour because I wanted plenty of time to get home, have breakfast, piddle around and still have time to get ready for the house cleaner. Success.

The gum chewing (and dry mouth toothpaste) have done wonders for the inside of my mouth. It feels way better than it has in ages - almost near normal. Amazing. And I don't feel like the gum is pulling at my teeth.

This morning driving home from the pool, I popped a little rectangle of Dentine in my mouth and immediately realized I had neglected to remove the paper!

It reminded me of my Mom. In the olden days, when banks first put in drive through windows, they were trying to get people to use them (without crashing into the bank). They gave lollipops to the kids in the car so, of course, we were always 'let's drive through!!!!'. Before we got wise to her tricks, Mom used to let us have the lollipops and suck them as much as we wanted until we worked the cellophane off and then she would take them away from us.

Ok, now I think I'll go put away the dishes in the dishrack and change the sheets on the bed and then do some sewing.
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