Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All I have to do is pay the bill...

My Home Owners Association is getting ready to take on three major projects - fixing the 100+ year old brick on the front, redoing the roof and fixing the 100+ year old brick on the back. All three items are desperately needed and enormously expensive and a royal PIA to coordinate, manager and get done efficiently and correctly. This is an historic building and the outside is subject to city design review so this adds a layer of politics, too. All I have to do is pay and I am very grateful.

In the next couple of days everyone who owns a unit will be getting a letter telling them that they will need to pony up $6-$8K this year. (The units are various sizes and the bigger ones own more of the association and so pay more.) This will come as a giant surprise to most of these people as they pay zero attention to what goes on around here. Honestly I'd be in mostly dark if I didn't attend the board meetings and generally they draw an audience of about 1% of the population.

We have no good way to easily communicate - no forum, wiki, or mailer. The management company has a VERY crappy website and posts the minutes of board meetings about 6 months after the meeting. So really attending the meetings is the only way to find out stuff. I've made suggestions, past board members have made suggestions, common sense says communications is really good. The board does not disagree, they just don't do anything about it. So while they are all good people and smart and run a tight, efficient ship, doing it in the dark is not going to end well, I don't think.

When 108 unit owners get letters saying they need to pay $6,000+ now with no warning, the board is going to get the shit kicked out of them. Maybe it will help them understand that surprising the populace isn't a good thing.

I knew this info was coming out soon but I wanted to know my exact number so I sent an email to the treasurer and he was kind enough to tell me. I have a meeting with Tyler, my financial adviser next week and I wanted to have all my $$ ducks in a row. I'm going to see if now is a good time to pay off my mortgage. I have only 10 years left on it and a not terribly high interest rate (3.8%). I'd love to be out from under. Thankfully, I have someone who understands what makes the most fiscal sense in my case so all I have to do is ask.

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