Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My bear quota is not working out. I thought by setting a pace, I could get more bears done more easily. What I got was no more bears and a fair amount of stress. While I was swimming I was thinking 'I really need to cut this short so I will have more bear knitting time.'

Really? NO! Swimming is fun and good for me. Fewer bears and dolls will still be more bears and dolls than is expected of me. This is not a sales job for which I will be punished for not making quota or rewarded for overachieving.

So I am going back to spending my time the way I want to. I will continue to make dolls and knit bears but if something else comes along that I want to do I will do it, instead.

Weeks ago, I picked up this cat scratch thing from the free shelf in the garage. It turned out to be pretty tacky looking but Zoey fell in love with it. She loses interest in things quickly so I figured she'd star ignoring it pretty soon and I could take it back to the free shelf. I'm still waiting. This is her right now:

I watched some of the synchronized swimming last night and holy crap. I cannot believe what those women can do. Without even wearing goggles. It's exhausting to watch. I think I'm going to refer to my lap swimming as solo synchronized swimming practice. Only with goggles and without nose plugs. Or heavy sparkle makeup or spackled hair.

I'm making great progress on my restaurant mega map. I'm going through each selection and categorising with notes as well as mapping. I have now transferred all the info from my various lists in Keep and Evernote. It's going to be magnificent when I finish it which will be soon.

On with my day which will be whatever it turns out to be.

Here's the bear I finished last night:

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