Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Drip be gone!!

Thom the plumber came,fixed, taught and split. He wouldn't even take $. "My wife does the billing and she's out of town. So maybe 3 weeks-ish? She'll send you an invoice, OK? It will be around $95. Is that ok?" Sure is.

He said my Pfister faucet is a Chevrolet. A Grohe is the Mercedes BUT costs twice as much and is worth it. He said mine is fine that there are Fords and Yugos and mine was better than those. Very good info to have.

He looked at my garbage disposal and showed me how it was only half working and how to free up the other tooth and how to check it.

He's just the nicest guy. I am so glad to get that fixed. Very satisfying.

Last week Fedex fucked up an order that my brother made with Amazon for a customer. He was spitting mad. And so frustrated and felt helpless to do anything about it. I walked him through how best to get Amazon's attention, get his message across and get some satisfaction. Today Amazon sent him a $25 gift certificate to give his customer.

Also very satisfying.

I realized this morning that my back problems that I had blamed on the stool at my sewing machine had pretty much disappeared. I have a new habit of getting up after every doll. I not only get up, I come into the living room and check the computer or into the kitchen for a bite or somewhere. And, it's working!

And I have a new project. Some dude made this great restaurant map in Google. It's such a fabulous idea. I'm copying the shit out of it.

I already have a list in Evernote and Keep of places I want to try and/or favorites. So I copied it and am now fixing it for me. Dinner only places, Lunch only places, Places I really need to try, Places I do NOT want to forget, etc. And am removing the places he has that I don't care about and adding my own that aren't on his list. I love this!!

But, first, back to sewing. I have a doll to finish before lunch.
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