Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Spit out that gum right now!

I stopped at the drug store after my swim and spent $8 on toothpaste and $8 on a mouth rinse especially for dry mouth and $1.30 on gum. Honestly, I think the gum alone is going to fix the problem.

When you haven't chewed gum in more than a quarter century, all aspects of doing so are just weirder than weird. Opening up the package and freeing the stick from the paper and wadding the stick into your mouth and chewing without swallowing... All very very strange sensations that are also like a zip line right back to 10 year old me.

"A lady NEVER chews gum in public and, truth be told, a true lady never chews gum." Those were the rules we learned at my ohsosnotty private girls school. It was one of 487 bagillion such rules. Our pretty little heads were stretched to the max remembering them all.

I chewed that gum all the way home from the pool and it's amazing how much saliva that stuff produces! The kind of dry mouth I have makes the inside of my mouth feel kind of like chapped lips. And, like chapped lips, when you find the right fix, the results are pretty swift. Nice.

The building manger just called to say that our favorite plumber is in the building plumbing today and did I want him to stop by when he gets a chance. Yes, sir, please. I have started, several times, to fix the kitchen sink drip myself and probably can but Thom the plumber can absolutely do it and he's very nice so as long as he's here...

Lately I've been pretty religious about making sure all of the dishes are washed and stuff in the kitchen is put away before I got to bed each night. Today I am uber grateful for that new habit. I'm plumber ready without having to lift a finger.

Nothing going on this week except the house cleaner on Wednesday. The forecast is sunny and warm until mid week when it's supposed to change to sunny and Africa Hot. My plans are to swim early and then come home and spend quality, intimate time with my air conditioner. The big struggle will be to keep the sewing room cool enough to work in. Otherwise, there will be a no issue making my bear quota. (Bears get made in the living room that has the a/c.)
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