Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday afternoon

Well, the slaw turned out to be ho hum. I think maybe it needed more blue cheese and more apple and no almonds. Or something. It's edible (which is good cause I have several more servings) but not delightful. I have more apple. I may add it to the current batch.

The Mariners won the ballgame. Always a great way to end a weekend.

I'm now seriously into a new (to me) British series Marcella. One of the minor characters is a woman who takes up with a guy who might not be the best guy. That woman is played by the same woman who played Edith on Downton Abbey. As I watch her internal dilemma over this man, I can't help but think 'oh Edith! Not again!' The series is on Netflix.

I'm taking part in a survey about the Olympics done by TiVo and NBC. It involves installing apps on my phone, tablet and PC and answering some questions. I really don't care that much about the Olympics. I'd like to see some of the swimming if camera angles were such so you could actually see how they are doing it and the announcers would explain swimming stuff instead of just drooling over the stars. I watched some of the diving this afternoon and that was interesting now that the pool is no longer pea soup green. What I'd really like to see is the synchronized swimming. I like watching how they do it and seeing it from the underwater camera's POV. But, so far, TiVo program information is totally inaccurate. The two apps they had me install both suck major donkey balls. They promised me $100 and NBC swag and they had better pay up because they are working my last nerve on this damn survey thing.

The chemicals in the pool dry my mouth out. For a long time I didn't know what it was because it's not dry as in 'I must have water now' dry but the texture of the skin inside my mouth changes and at one point was really bad until I figured out what it was. It's annoying but not in a give up swimming way or even in a change pool way.

They have rinses and lozenges and sprays you use to fight it but they all leave a crappy taste in my mouth. The best thing is chewing gum but because I want to save my teeth for eating, I haven't chewed gum in decades. I think, however, tomorrow I'm going to find some dental friendly gum and some dry mouth toothpaste and see if that will help. The internets say it will and the internets are never wrong.

I finished bear #6 and have #7 well underway.

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