Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's still too hot but it was considerably cooler this morning waiting for the gym to open that it was yesterday. I'm still staying inside today and so I decided to do the extra 20 minutes of swimming again today. I think that's my new thing. Especially on days when I know I'm not going to leave the house once I get home, I'm going to try and do the longer swims. It just makes me feel better - during the swim and, particularly, in the evenings.

I have no desire to live forever or even long. But, I do have a massive desire to live comfortably as long as I'm breathing. I know I'm not going to change my eating. Healthy eating makes me want to end it all before dinner tonight. But, I love swimming and if doing more makes the rest of the day better... why the fuck not?

I did make a stop at Trader Joe's. They are right across the street from the gym and they have an easy Android pay. So beep my phone and I'm out of there. Perfect.

This morning I'm going to make coleslaw. Cabbage, julienne apples and cucumbers and sliced almonds with some blue cheese dressing. I like a slaw that has been mixed and allowed to settle a while before eating so I'll make up the salad after I finish this entry and have it for dinner tonight.

The baseball game is at noon. This might be a total bear day so I can get right with the schedule. We'll see.

Last week, I downloaded the new Google launcher on my phone. The launcher is what controls how things look and work like where and how to get to apps and folders and stuff. It made me feel like a had a new phone which is kind of fun.

This morning I went back to Google Inbox. I used it when it first came out but then went back to the old Gmail interface. I decided to give it another go so now my email looks all different, too!

Time to get to work!
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