Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Travel plans!

I just booked a trip. Well, made a hotel reservation. For a big trip. To Puyallop, WA. A good 35 miles from here!

The state fairgrounds are there. I drove down one year for a day at the state fair and it was fine. A PIA to drive and walking the fair was fun but knowing I had to drive home after wasn't.

There's a massive and amazing sewing expo there every year and every year I say I'm going to go and then weasel out because of traffic and yadda yadda. NOT THIS YEAR! Well, next year. Next March. I made a hotel reservation. The expo is Thursday-Sunday. I'm going on Thursday and staying until Saturday and coming home then. Traffic on that road on Friday sucks donkey balls so while I don't really need 2 days at the expo, I don't want to drive on Friday. I may change my mind but easier to have and give back cause the rooms are selling out fast. The hotel I used had only 3 left for the expo days!

I'm such a world traveler!

But, I'm cool at least. I went down about 2 hours ago to check the mail. Too hot. But, at least it made me ever so much more grateful for my own personal cool in here.

I made 3 dolls and here is also bear #5 (out of 14). My hajib game is getting better. I have one more cut out that, I think, nails it.

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