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I am a slave to my fitness tracker (Pebble watch running Misfit app). I set my goal at 1700 pts (which, according to Misfit, translates to 2.0 miles, and 6076 steps). I also have my phone (via Misfit) tied to Google Fit where my goal is 10,000 steps.

Misfit tracks my swimming. Google Fit is steps alone. I look at results from both as relative values.

BUT, I do get a little thrill when I hit my Misfit goal before lunch. Which I actually do most days. I know that means I should raise the number BUT that's where I justify it with the Google Fit backup who's goal I do not always achieve.

I do walk more and do more because of the tracking. And I check it constantly. I weigh 100 pounds more than I should and am basically an ass-on-the-couch slug but goddammit, I hit my fitness goal before lunch!! AND my current streak is 85 days.

I just got back from a run down to the recycle bins in the garage and when I got back my phone told me that Google Fit says I hit 10,000 steps and it's only 4:30. I am an overachiever for sure.


Constructing garments and dolls and pocketbooks is a two bit operation. One bit is cutting all the pieces you need out of fabric. The other bit is assembling/sewing all the pieces together.

The cutting out part is my least favorite. It requires real thinking and some tetrising and some crawling around on the floor or cleaning up the kitchen (depending on where I'm working).

Cutting out the dolls isn't nearly a fiddly and is kind of fun finding and matching the fabrics. Bags same. But clothes, yuck on cutting out.

Many clothes don't get made because of this issue. So today, after I made my two dolls, I had a cutting out session. I cut out a shirt - long sleeved this time - out of sale fabric that is really more of a tester shirt. I need to perfect the long sleeve options so I can get winter fabric for winter shirts before it gets cold. And I cut out a swimsuit. Which, of course, I do not need at all. I actually got the swimsuit lined and put together. All it needs is elastic. I'll get to the shirt soon - sooner now that the annoying part is done.

The dolls du jour

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