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It is really ridiculous for me to be a member of Costco. I do not come close to saving the membership fee in purchases. Heck, I probably only even go there 3 times a year and yet... I didn't renew one year and lasted only 6 months. I love their toilet paper and it's their brand so not available anywhere else. I love their bacon and it's not available anywhere else. ditto on several other things. Plus, on a hot day, there is no better place go get a good walk in air conditioned comfort. (There's not an indoor mall anywhere convenient to here.)

I need bacon bits and butter so I think I'll make a run this morning. They don't open for another hour but I think I'll plan to be there when they do. It's going to get hot today - not Texas hot but hot for here. The first day of hot is the most palatable. Around here hot takes a couple of days to build. So it's kind of go this morning or go next week.

And then it will be sewing. I have lots of things I want to make and no baseball game today so plenty of time. We've won the last 6 games which is an amazing and unbelievable thing for the Mariners. Usually when looking at a day off, it's a relief because it means that we won't lose today. But, now I worry about losing momentum.

I put a new launcher on my phone yesterday - a preview of what's up next for Android - and I love it. Today it feels like I got a new phone. Surprising and delightful.

Oh, turns out the elevator problem is only in one of 2. So this morning, coming back from the pool, the bad elevator opened up. I hit a floor number and sent it on its way and waiting for the good one. Nice breathing all the way up. I hate being that special health issue snowflake person. But I also hate massive coughing fits. At least I can play the old lady card.

"Leave me alone! I'm old!" My maternal grandmother was the greatest grandmother of all times. She was soft and squishy and her hug could fix world peace. She was fun and the sweetest woman on the face of the earth. But after years and years of what must have been a stressful existence of being nice and kind and sweet, she finally got some piss and vinegar. She would pitch a fit when the nursing home dining room would put broccoli on her plate. "I know I don't have to eat it but it's touching my potatoes!"

My mother found her new personality pretty hilarious. After living with the old grandma all of her life, to now see the new grandma was shockingly funny. Grandma had all kinds of health issues, bad heart, bad back, bad blood pressure and mostly suffered it all with grace but once in a while, she'd bite back. Mom and I were nearing her room one day when we heard her say in a voice and tone that was the antithesis of what we usually heard, "Leave me alone! I'm old!" We cracked up. It was so un-grandma and in a very cute, endearing way.

And that, until my Mom died herself, became our mantra whenever things didn't go our way. "Leave me alone! I'm old!"

Grandma died in the mid-1970's. I wonder how many of her ailments would be treated more successfully if she were here today. I remember her cataract surgeries particularly. After the surgery, she had to have her head stabilized and was not allowed to move it for weeks on end. I remember they told her that a sneeze could blind her and wondering then (and, actually, pretty much still) how that worked. I can stop some sneezes but not all.

My own cataract surgery took 15 minutes and I went right back to work after lunch that day. Wild.

Ok, time to wash dishes and get my Costco on.

Oh and here's bear #4 (out of 14 I'm shooting for this month) - in camouflage.

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