Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night's ballgame tricked me. We were behind until the 8th when we tied it up. Then, in the 15th, they got a run. It was 11:15 - a good hour behind when I'm normally fast asleep. I quit fighting and figured we'd lost anyway. I woke up at 12:30 and checked my phone and we had won!

The MLB app - they really do it right - has video highlights of past games so I just checked it for last night and there is one clip that is perfect. It shows our guy tying up the game and then switches to the Detroit feed/broadcasters for the clip of their taking the lead, then back to our broadcasters for the final win. (The broadcaster angle is important as they juice the result 'OHMYGOD It's OUTTA the PARK!!' or 'sigh, there goes the game'.) Anyway the clip is perfection. We'll hear more about the ending in tonight's game.

On a side note, I do feel for the poor Detroit fans watching at home. It was nearly 2 am when their team blew it. After leading most of the game. Been there, guys.

I remembered to get gas after my swim. Go me. I think today might be haircut day. Now that I can just waltz down the street anytime I want (rather than have to kill time waiting for the one by the pool to open or drive across down), it's nice to have the option. And today is still cloudy so good day to cash in on that option. Plus my fitness tracker will be happy for the extra.

The building manager decided a while back that the elevators were too hot and a fix was to install exhaust fans. I am the first to bitch about heat and I never noticed they were that hot but now that the exhaust fans are in, they are filled with dusty musty air that is not playing nice with my lungs. Taking the stairs is easy most of the time when I'm going down but they are too steep for my climbing 4 flights. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this. I got out after a short ride this morning and enjoyed a lovely coughing fit. Have I mentioned lately that I really do NOT like this building manager?

I was looking for swimsuit fabric in my fabric drawer last night and found some other fabric I forgot about. So now, in addition to a new suit, I have other stuff to make as well. Plus dolls and bears. So much to do so little time and so now I think I'll fritter some of it away getting a hair cut.
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