Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A fine bake

My neighbor, Hunter, sometimes bakes me stuff. More often, he tells me he's going to bake me stuff but does not. He has, in the past, knocked on my door and when I open it

Hunter: I'm going to bake you some cookies tonight. Chocolate chip ok?
me: Chocolate chip would be amazing! Thank you!!

And then I won't see him for weeks. Or he'll stop me in the elevator and we'll have the same conversation except it will be banana bread or something else.

So, yesterday when he asked me if I liked apples and then said he was going to bake me a pie, I did a mental check to make sure I had ice cream (I did) and then prepared myself for a virtual pie at best.

Imagine my surprise when he knocked on the door this morning and presented this:

It's little which is great because a regular sized one would be daunting. This is about 4 generous slices. Perfect. And so I had apple pie and ice cream for lunch. Pretty excellent.

I remembered to go across the street to the ATM to get cash today. Oh and mhaithaca found me an app that delivers GAS!!!!! . I signed up but then realized that it won't really work for me because my car is down a level in a secure garage. Also then I discovered that they don't deliver to my area until after 3 pm which is kind of weird. There's a delivery fee or monthly dues but still GREAT idea.

Two dolls made and now I'm making some taco meat for freezing and maybe for a taco casserole for tonight.

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