Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a cool and cloudy morning but I think maybe one of the last of these for a while so I'm trying to particularly enjoy it. I love a/c-not-needed days.

I've got zero going on today. Nothing I have to do. No one needing me for anything. Nothing I promised anyone. A totally, wonderfully, free days. I'm fortunate to have a lot of these but it does not enure me to them one bit. I love and appreciate each one. I remember in school, I would wake up on a Saturday morning and wallow in having the whole day free. And there were many weekends while I was working that carried the same feeling. Now I get that most days and it never ever gets old.

I should have gotten gas on my way home from the pool. I have a quarter of a tank left so it's not critical but I get twitchy when it goes below half. I wish there was a service that I could buy that would come fill my tank when it gets low. It would probably be too expensive but I love the idea so much.

My very expensive but oh so wonderful router/network (eero) has turned out to be better than I expected. Now that the network is established I'm getting really excellent wifi speed in the farthest nooks of this place. It updates itself behind my back and just now that all my settings down to devices and their mac addresses, reserved IP's - everything are backed up and stored. If something happens to the hardware, I can just swap in a replacement without it affecting anything else. Amazing. There is every possibility that I have, in fact, configured my last router. WHEW.

Now I think I'll go configure some dolls. I have podcasts to catch up on while I do it. Tonight's baseball isn't til 7 BUT it's one of those games likely to be ruined by the-commentator-I-can't-stand so I might just watch a movie instead and monitory the game via my phone app.

I finished bear number 3 a half day early so I'm on a good pace so far.

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