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About 10 or so years ago, my brother put up a webcam in his shop*. His store front is for customers and the real work goes on in back in the lab. Originally the camera was so that he could be in his office in the back and still see who was in the shop. But, I am really the main user. I keep a stream of the shop on one of my monitors in the living so I can see what's going on. I've never actually been in the shop. The last time I was there was when he had his original store in another location.

Anyway, last week the cam kept crapping out on us. He decided it was time for a new one. This morning, when I came back from the pool, I looked at my screen and WOW!! The new camera is fabulous and I have a whole new view. (He has my passwords, permission, blessings and thanks to get onto my computer whenever he wants.)

This is what I saw this morning when I got home.

Here's an old screenshot of what the old camera showed me.


Here's what I now get with the new one.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 8.16.55 AM

Pretty darned cool. I'm hoping for an onslaught of customers today.

*Friendly Connections IT, Georgetown, TX

It's actually kind of weird that I'm home. I need to go to the grocery store and, ordinarily, would have opted for one of the ones by the pool since their are several and it's handy. But I was starving and I'm getting kind of board with the stores near the pool so I opted to come home and get some breakfast and then go to a different store plus make a Goodwill dropoff on the way.

I made great bear progress yesterday. Here's #2

#3 is an arm and 2 ears away from completion.

I also may have found a pool vacation. There's a private club with what looks like and is reported to be a pretty fabulous lap pool in Vancouver. It's a private club but I wrote to it last night asking how a non member could sneak a swim. Turns out, it's attached to a fancy boutique hotel with pool privileges. It's a pricey package but, hey, maybe one day. I would go in winter (in hopes of also catching some snow) and their winter rates aren't so bad. So... maybe.. I might even think about a Thanksgiving trip.

Now I need a weekday trip to the grocery store. It's cloudy and cool out. Time to take advantage!
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