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baseball frenzie

This morning on the way to the pool - 7:20 - there were people waiting to get into the baseball stadium which opens it's gates today at 11. When I came home from the pool - 9:15 - the sidewalks surrounding 3 sides of the stadium (the 4th side is not accessible to the public) was packed with people so much so that you would not be able to get through if you wanted to. These people were all standing. Those with chairs were holding their chairs (and likely regretting the decision to bring them). Again... gates open at 11.

Holy moly rockin rolly.

There's a player - rather kind of minor player - on the Mariners who joined the team a couple of years ago. There was a really nice article in the paper about him when he first stared with the Mariners. His dad was an enormous Mariner fan who would make the 4 hour drive from Spokane to see games. He was at the very famous 1995 playoff game involving Ken Griffey Jr. who was his dad's favorite player. His dad died of a heart attack at 47 and never saw him play for the Mariners.

Cut to last night. BIG ceremony to celebrate retiring Junior's number. All kinds of major sports dignitaries on hand. Major fucking deal in every way and really handled with class. But the game starts and the Mariners fall behind in the 1st and then even more in later innings and finally, towards the end of the game, they start making headway. Then, this guy - Shawn O'Malley - hits only his 3rd home run in his 3 years in the major leagues. And the Mariners take the lead by two. That was the 7th inning.

BUT in the 8th, he made a catch and throw that was unbelievably spectacular in every way to get an impossible out. It was amazing and the crowd chanted his name loudly until the end of the game. A win.

Talk about a guy having a very very very special time on Ken Griffey Junior's night.

Pretty darned cool.

Oh Twitter just said that they opened the gates an hour early. Good thing, I think. This is from Twitter 30 minutes ago. The game starts at 1 pm, by the way.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 at 10.17.37 AM

Today will be bear day. I decided last night to make 14 bears this month so I made a calendar plan - how many have to be done by which days in order to meet the goal. And so now, because an am OCD about goals, I want to get ahead of the game in case something happens to my schedule. So today will be bear day. The schedule calls for having 2 done by the end of today and I'm planning for at least 2.5 if not 3.

And I have a couple of little house things to take care of. And, of course, the game.
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